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ClickDealer is nominated in 3 categories at Affiliate Space Awards 2021! It has been quite an award-heavy year for us, but the recognition just keeps on coming. ClickDealer is nominated for Best Dating Affiliate Network, Best Ecommerce Affiliate Network, and Best Smartlink Affiliate Program. The competition is tough in each nomination, but we know that with a partner base like ours, we can come out on top in each one. Take a minute to leave your vote and let’s claim another accolade!

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Today’s highlight is geared towards those of you running tightly targeted high-yield leadgen in English-speaking geos. We have fresh mortgage loans, solar, and life insurance offers with competitive payouts and well-designed landing pages closing the deal. If you run display, social, native, or email traffic, you’ve got the check them out:

(107964) [WEB+MOB] - Refinance&Mortgage Loans /US SOI Approval only

(108006) [WEB+MOB] - Refinance&Mortgage Loans /US SOI Approval only

(108041) [WEB+MOB] TheSolarPower.Info /US SOI Approval only

(108061) [WEB+MOB] - Life Insurance /UK SOI Approval only

The initial daily lead cap is 25 on all of them, but it is renegotiable once the advertiser gets a taste of what you’re sending. The sooner that cap comes off, the more leads there are for you to claim, so test the waters and get in!

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Fashion is back on the menu for today’s highlight, particularly women’s fashion this time, and there are a few options to choose from. We have an international offer that deals exclusively in women’s clothing, another one that sells home décor as well, and a New York brand operating in fewer geos, but with a much higher revshare percentage:

108554 [WEB+MOB] Fairyseason /International [233 GEO] - 12% Revshare

108502 [WEB+MOB] Bellelily /International [233 GEO] - 12% Revshare

108490 [WEB+MOB] Lattelierstore /CA/AU/FR/DE/UK/US - 24% Revshare

Just as with dressing fashionably, having something to choose from and combine is key here. Run a test and see what fits your type of traffic!

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1200х628 Education.jpg
Today we bring you ammunition to take on the UK insurance market. The three offers we are featuring today promote different types of life insurance with an additional £100 Amazon gift card incentive for users to sign up. There are two offers for seniors and one for a more general age group, but all three are certain to bring results when quality traffic is put in:

(108436) [WEB+MOB] Zesty Life Insurance + £100 Amazon Card (50+) /UK SOI [APPROVAL ONLY] @ $17.50
(108435) [WEB+MOB] Smart Insurance + £100 Amazon Card (21-50) /UK SOI [APPROVAL ONLY] @ $17.50
(108433) [WEB+MOB] British Seniors Insurance + £100 Amazon Card (50+) /UK SOI [APPROVAL ONLY] @ $17.50

The US has a massive insurance market, but it is by far not the only place where you can make a serious profit promoting the vertical. Try out these offers and see for yourself.

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Eastern Europe’s most popular CPA marketing media outlet Partnerkin has teamed up with Moscow Affiliate Conference, the main marketing event in the region, to organize an award show distinguishing this year’s leading companies.

ClickDealer is nominated for Best Multivertical Network at MAC Awards, and we can only take the title home with the help of our amazing community. We have a good and lengthy track record of victories at award ceremonies this year, thanks to your efforts, so we are confident ClickDealer can take this one down as well.

Take 2 minutes to leave a vote and let’s keep the streak going!

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Over the past few months, we have featured offers for wholesale clothing stores, high fashion clothing stores, and even ones specializing in children’s clothes. None of them have as much product variety as today’s highlighted offer. sells anything from casual everyday apparel to prom dresses, cosplay costumes, and even zentai suits. There is a whole lot of angles you can take with this one:

109216 [WEB+MOB] Milanoo /US - Revshare 11.2%

With this range of products and high revshare percentage, you can launch a couple of campaigns, take them in completely different directions, and still get profits from each one. Set it up and get creative!

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This year appears to be highly intense for ClickDealer in terms of awards, and we are continuing to be recognized in prestigious ratings.

And now we are nominated in 3 categories in Kinza Awards 2021: Influencer of The Year - Taras Kis, Best Multi-Vertical CPA Network and Best CPA Network: Dating.

If you believe that ClickDealer deserves to get these top titles, cast your vote and support us in conquering one more peak!

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The big race is over! All of you have shown outstanding results, and we are thankful to have such a driven and capable community of affiliates under the ClickDealer banner.

Now let’s talk prizes. If you have any contest revenue left over, you can use it to redeem flags and prizes up until September 7th.

We are putting together a massive party for the end of the race, where the raffle for the Porsche Taycan 4S is going to take place, using all the flags you have redeemed over the course of the contest.

Clear your schedule for the final weekend of September and reach out to your manager for an invitation, because the number of guests is limited, but our budget for this party isn’t!

We are back to e-commerce! We have been featuring a lot of US offers recently, so now we are giving you a UK-based women’s fashion outlet Dorothy Perkins with a 4% revshare rate for new customers and 0.8% for existing ones. It’s got daily new arrivals, a vast array of merchandise, and constant sales enticing new customers to fill their carts:

(109785) [WEB+MOB] Dorothy Perkins /UK - Revshare up to 4%

With the offer’s subject matter being very close to what we’ve been featuring recently, you can try cloning your US funnels and see how they’ll do in this geo. No translation needed!

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This highlight will be a massive find for those of you working predominantly with email, social, and native traffic. Mejoramostuoferta is a Spanish offer for a service that lets people quickly sell real estate and save on commissions. It pays out 9 euro per SOI lead, has an impressive 11% CR on email, and provides its own email templates:

[109945] [WEB+MOB] Mejoramostuoferta - Real Estate /ES SOI APPROVAL REQUIRED 9 EUR

With this type of offer, tight targeting is key, so if your toolkit allows you to laser-focus an audience, apply for the offer and get that money!

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We are hitting you with another e-commerce offer in this highlight, but this time, the brand name does the heavy lifting. Calvin Klein is a world-famous brand, synonymous with high fashion and undeniable quality. All you need to do is direct people to the online store and collect your revshare payout:


This offer targets SE Asia, and you can bet there is an audience ready for CK products in these geos. A quick test will show you just how big the brand is there.

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Plumbing work in the UK is not cheap, and you can bet a quoting leadgen offer will pop up whenever significant investments are involved. Boilerguide is just that – an offer that provides quotes for installation and repair of boilers and central heating. It only takes social media traffic, but the payout is a whopping 10 pounds per lead:

103275 [WEB+MOB] Boiler guide Installation /UK [CPL] [Social] Approval Required

Insurance is a great thing to have, but when your heating breaks down, priorities shift very quickly. Capitalize on that and you will have a profitable campaign on your hands.

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We are featuring some particularly niche offers today: an opportunity for creative experiments and massive payouts if the experiments succeed. One of them offers debt relief services, and the other three have to do with profitable litigation against companies producing dangerous products and perpetrator drivers. Feel like getting into these deep waters for a big catch? Then check out the selection:

(104303) [WEB+MOB] Motor Vehicle Accident /US Sensitive Approval Required - $32
(109752) [WEB+MOB] Talcum Powder Case /US Sensitive APPROVAL REQUIRED - $48
(109821) [WEB+MOB] Roundup Case /US Sensitive APPROVAL REQUIRED - $40
(108346) [WEB+MOB] ADR Debt Relief /US Sensitive APPROVAL REQUIRED - $24

Offers like these require intricate targeting and finely tuned creatives, but get incredibly rewarding once the leads start flowing in. Take this head start and optimize into six-figures!

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We don’t feature education offers often, but this bundle certainly deserves a highlight. Skyeng Online English School operates in LATAM, Spain, and Italy, paying out €7.38 for users taking an introductory lesson, and €22.16 for a paid course. These offers take a wide variety of traffic types, but are very particular about the ones they don’t accept, so make sure to check out offer descriptions before applying:

(110219) [WEB+MOB] Skyeng Online English School /ES
(110401) [WEB+MOB] Skyeng Online English School /MX/PA/PE/AR
(110332) [WEB+MOB] Skyeng Online English School /IT

Now more than ever, English is the language of the world, so there is an opportunity for success in every geo. Pick a couple to run and get that money!

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ClickDealer Nitro closing party is going down tomorrow in Kyiv, where the winner of the contest’s grand prize Porsche Taycan 4S will be revealed!

We will be livestreaming the raffle live on our Instagram page, so if you can’t make it to the party, tune in at 22:00 EEST to see ClickDealer Nitro’s grand finale.

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