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Establecer campañas en la vertical de seguros en la situación actual es un paso bueno, pero extrañamente subestimado en el marketing de afiliación. Hoy, ClickDealer te ofrece sumergirse en la vertical del seguro y descubrir qué beneficios puede aportar. No pierdas el tiempo, prueba y lánzalo. Créanos, todo esto puede convertirse en una gran campaña:

83297 [WEB+MOB] Easy Auto Savings (Facebook Only) /US [SOI] 6.4 USD
76164 [WEB+MOB] Easy Auto Savings (SnapChat Only) /US [SOI] 5.6 USD

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Continuing our trend of weekly dating exclusives, today we bring you a much sought for French offer that pays 2.40 euro on SOI and blows a lot of EU alternatives out of the water.

(84993) [WEB+MOB] TresorLove /FR SOI Exclusive 2.40 €

Cap: 50/day per new pub (until traffic quality is confirmed)
No Incentive traffic, No Spam

The daily cap is set at 50 before your traffic checks out on the back end, and after that you can scale as far as your budget allows.
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There is something uniquely attractive about the multitude of possibilities represented in a cash value voucher. The extra steps of picking out what you want to get make it a fun little shopping spree out of nowhere, and it’s hard to find a better way to harness that power than SOI offers for Germany with $3.2 payouts:

(85083) [WEB+MOB] Win a 250€ Primark Voucher /DE [SOI] 3.2 USD
(85082) [WEB+MOB] Win a 250€ Footlocker Voucher/DE [SOI] 3.2 USD
(85081) [WEB+MOB] Win a 250€ Lieferando Voucher/DE [SOI] 3.2 USD

! Uncapped !

Please pm your manager for more details if you need any or register here

Running a weight loss offer setup that covers all Nordics in May is a kind of thing you would do regardless of global events and social trends. After prolonged isolation, however, it’s almost safe to say there has never been a better time. With a 250 daily cap per geo, you will find plenty of space to test and scale.

(83084) [WEB+MOB] Slim36 /DE/AT [Trial] FB Pixel (No Celebrity Endorsements) [APPROVAL ONLY] €40.00
(82778) [WEB+MOB] WeeSlim /NO [Trial] FB Pixel (No Celebrity Endorsements) [APPROVAL ONLY] €40.00
(83107) [WEB+MOB] WeeSlim /BE [Trial] FB Pixel (No Celebrity Endorsements) [APPROVAL ONLY] €36.00
(84913) [WEB+MOB] Slim36 /FI [Trial] FB Pixel (No Celebrity Endorsements) [APPROVAL ONLY] €40.00

Cap: 250 per geo
No surveys, No incentivized traffic, No Celebrity Endorsements, No Adwords, Email on request!

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This week’s offer highlight brings you an assortment of dating for the EU to fit any preferences an affiliate might have. We have a variety of geos, pages and flows on display, so a quick browse should reveal the most fitting option for you. Take a look:

85133 [MOB] TuhmatKypsatLeidit /FI DOI €4.00
85134 [WEB] Tuhmatkypsatleidit /FI DOI €5.60
85152 [WEB] FlirtyMature /IT SOI 35+ $1.90
85132 [MOB] FlirtyMature /IT SOI 35+ $1.50

Cap: 100 leads/daily per aff per offer
No Incentive traffic

85329 [MOB] Triff-mich-heute /DE SOI 2.10$
85328 [WEB] Triff-mich-heute /DE SOI 2.80 $

Cap: 50 leads/daily per aff per offer

Pm your manager if you need more details or register here!

There is more to nutra than many affiliates care to find out. Beyond the bread-and-butter weight loss and skincare products you can find trendier supplements that address a different pool of customers and can sometimes sell purely on the buzz. Here are some great examples:

85280 [WEB+MOB] CBD oil /US [SS] $92.00
Daily cap: 40 leads until quality is checked

85279 [WEB+MOB] KetoBurn /US [SS] $96.00
Daily cap: 20 leads until quality is checked

Only US traffic
No Pop-up, no pop-under, no SEO, no survey, and no incentivized traffic, no adult

Please pm your manager for more detailed info or register here!

1200х628 Шаблон.jpg
This offer highlight doubles down on EU dating, and for good reasons. This fresh brand is holding an opening sale, offering an extra euro on the lead with open cap! The payouts you see are already adjusted, and will remain such until the end of June. Check out the offers:

85809 [MOB] AnoniemContact /BE DOI € 4.0
85808 [WEB] AnoniemContact /BE DOI € 4.4
85807 [MOB] AnoniemContact /NL DOI € 4.0
85806 [WEB] AnoniemContact /NL DOI € 4.4

Daily cap: open cap
Target: males 18+
Restrictions: - No incentive traffic - One lead per ip-address - No misleading advertising methods - No kickback-fee or incentive for the leads

Most of you probably have some EU campaigns running already, so it won’t take much time to switch things around and make use of this limited opportunity. The payouts speak for themselves!

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Affiliate marketing doesn’t get more wholesome than PDF software downloads. With a wide range of geos to run and a great payout for CPS, this offer can become a stable workhorse for anyone with the right traffic. Check out the conditions and figure out if you can claim this goldmine:

85611 [WEB+MOB] Online PDF Editor /US/AU/CA/NZ/IE/UK/MX/BR/FR/ES/DE/SG CPS $32.00

Flow: Sale
Cookie: 30 days
Best traffic type: SEO, PPC, Fb, Amazon PPC
The best converting user age: 30-35+ years old
30-days free trial (after the 30 days there will be made the automatic money withdrawal)
Forbidden to use: Brand search, Browser ext and toolbars, Incent traffic, In-app, Retargeting, Sms marketing

Please pm your manager for more details if you need any or register here!

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Running trendy health products in the US and other Tier 1 countries take a certain amount of finesse and creativity, but once a profit line is established, it’s going to last you a while. As you might have guessed, today’s highlight contains that exact type of offers:

85956 [WEB+MOB] KETO BodyTone /FR [CPS] FB Pixel $80.00
86068 [WEB+MOB] KETO BodyTone /International [CPS] FB Pixel $80.00
86070 [WEB+MOB] CBD Gummies /US [CPS] FB Pixel $90.00
86072 [WEB+MOB] HEMP Gummies /AU/CA/NZ/IE [CPS] FB Pixel $90.00

Restrictions: no incent, survey, cashback
FB pixel integration is available
International Skin/ME offers upon request

There are a few more angles available on request, so make sure to ping your AM to get the full range of options or register here.

There is not a lot of products out there that can compete with sweets and hygiene products in terms of universal appeal. You also won’t find a lot of competition for the exclusives in today’s highlight when it comes to payouts and LP quality. You will, however, find a whole lot of it on the offers if you’re late to the party, so get in there before it’s crowded:

(85955) [WEB+MOB] Win a Milka Package /DE [DOI] Exclusive 4.2 USD
(85950) [WEB+MOB] Win a 500€ Balea Package /DE [DOI] Exclusive 4.2 USD

Restrictions: No Incent, No Content Lock, No adult, No viral, No misleading creatives

Pm your manager if you need more details or register here!

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Lots of nutra affiliates say CBD is the place to be right now, and we don’t doubt these words looking at offer stats. Today’s highlight comes with 2 flows (Trial and SS), offering unique funnels and appropriate payouts depending on how you want to set up your campaign. Take a look:

(86359) [WEB+MOB] Annabiol CBD Oil /FR [SS] FB pixel $83.00
(86358) [WEB+MOB] Annabiol CBD Oil /FR [Trial] FB pixel $44.00

Facebook and search (No brand bid)
Restrictions: No incent, No fake news, No Coronavirus claims/prelanders, No brand bidding on search
Cap: 20/day per pub until quality is checked

Please pm your manager for more details if you need any or register here!

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This highlight is going to be a treat for the creative types, with all of the different angles available on these EU offers. When it comes to the bottom line, competitive payouts and wide daily caps should seal the deal on that front:

86814 [WEB+MOB] Win Samsung s20+ /FR SOI
86807 [WEB+MOB] Win €1000 Food Voucher /FR SOI
86780 [WEB+MOB] Win Trip to Maldives /FR SOI

Payout: €0.65
Open cap

(86441) [WEB+MOB] Win 1 Year of Disney+ for free /NL SOI
(86440) [WEB+MOB] Win 1 Year of Amazon Prime for free /NL SOI
(86439) [WEB+MOB] Win 1 Year of Netflix for free /NL SOI

Payout: $2.25
100 leads daily per offer
No fraud, No incentivised traffic, No adult or any form of bot traffic

The flow is nice and straightforward, but there’s a lot of freedom in how you get the users there angle-wise. Use it to your advantage!

Ping your AM or register here

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Finance vertical veterans and up-and-comers, get ready for the Crezu Craze Bonus Program! One offer, two flows, and multiplied payouts for anyone capable of bringing in 20 SOI leads in three weeks. It’s easy to get in, and it’s crazy profitable:

(74673) [WEB+MOB] Crezu Loans /ES (SOI + CPS)
CPS: 10.50 USD

- All leads generated during this period will be paid according to the commission stated above
- Volume: min 20 CPL generated during the promo period to participate in the program
- If during the promo period unusual activity, any kind of fraud or low quality traffic are detected, the publisher will be either disqualified from the campaign, or usual non-promo pricing will be established for the leads
- Leads generated before June 22 or after July 10 will be paid according to the standard commission 1.40 USD + 8 USD

Hit up your manager and join the Crezu Craze for a quick breakout finance campaign or register here!

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It’s Wednesday, so some of you might have already guessed what’s in today’s highlight. Exclusive dating offers, of course, and for the EU no less! This time it’s competitive options for ES, so do the math on traffic expenses and check them out:

(87192) [WEB] Encuentraunamqmf /ES DOI Exclusive €1.60
(87142) [MOB] Encuentraunamqmf /ES DOI Exclusive 1.20
(87107) [WEB] Anazitisimilf /GR DOI Exclusive €2.00
(86948) [MOB] Anazitisimilf /GR DOI Exclusive €1.60

Daily cap: 100 leads per offer per pub
Restrictions: Incentive traffic
Tablets are allowed on mob offer

It’s difficult to find something better in dating for the geo nowadays, so skip the rummaging, run a test and watch the revenue roll in!

Ping your AM or register here

1200х628 159.jpg
Dragon Boat Festival is here, plunging a large part of the world into holiday troubles and kicking up the action in e-commerce to high gear. We thought it would only be right to spice up this opportunity for you with double loyalty program rates! From June 25th to July 1st, the following offers will grant you bonus points:

(76604) [WEB+MOB] DHgate /International RevShare 3-15%
(8654) [WEB+MOB] Aliexpress /International ~3-9% RevShare
(43739) [WEB+MOB] Berrylook /International -15% Revshare
(48061) [WEB+MOB] RoseGal - Hygiene Products /Global - Revshare Up to 18%
(62105) [WEB+MOB] Lookfantastic /Global - Revshare Up to 13%

Whether it’s a quick cashout on a novelty mug or a contribution towards more expensive luxury prizes, make sure to use this opportunity to the fullest! Don’t waste too much time, however, because this one will go as fast as it came.

Ping your AM or register here

Festival 1.jpg
Get ready for our most refreshing highlight yet, featuring leadgen for DE that offers packs of popular beverages to the lucky users. Not only that, for 2 weeks, if you hit a daily lead cap of 100 or 700 in 7 days across all of Gewinn's offers, your payout will be increased from 3.85 to 4.50 euro and applied to those leads. Make your pick:

87486 [WEB+MOB] Win Mini Fridge with Pepsi /DE DOI
87484 [WEB+MOB] Win Box of Fanta /DE DOI
87498 [WEB+MOB] Win Red Bull Package (NB) /DE DOI
87497 [WEB+MOB] Win Energy Drink Box /DE DOI
87496 [WEB+MOB] Win Fritz-kola package /DE DOI
87495 [WEB+MOB] Win 28 Black Products - Marvel /DE DOI

The drinks are cool, but the offers are very hot, so check out the date of this post, consider your chances, and set up a campaign!

Ping your AM or register here

We are kicking off this week of highlights with a leadgen offer to put your FB Ads accounts at ease. This subscription for Italy provides a service that lets users find utility providers with the best pricing for their area and save money on bills. It’s as clean as can be and the short sign-up form really shows on the CR. Here are the details:

87546 [WEB+MOB] SuperMoney - Electricity&Gas Comparison /IT SOI 30+ [FB ONLY] 3 EUR
FB only is allowed
Target: 30+
Cap: 50 daily per affiliate per test
Leads validation: every Monday; average approval ratio: 80%
FB pixel setup is available

The offer is capped at 50 leads a day until traffic quality checks out on the back end, and after that sky is the limit in terms of scaling. Get approved and stack up!
Ping your AM or register here

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ClickDealer is coming through once again with a leadgen offer highlight, this time it’s a couple of coupon pages for the US for a laid back low-maintenance moneymaker. With the right setup those will work for themselves, so take your pick if you’re in for a bit of extra passive income:

87411 [WEB+MOB] Win $12.000 in cash /US SOI $2.60
87405 [WEB+MOB] Win an Amazon Gift Card /US SOI $2.60
87404 [WEB+MOB] Win a $100 Walmart Gift Card /US SOI $2.60

Restrictions: no incent. no pop traffic
SMS traffic is subject to approval
Pixel fires on 18+, but better to target 21+

All good things must come to an end, but the point is to be there when the good thing happens. Now is your opportunity to take part.

Ping your AM or register here

1200х628 5.jpg
There’s nothing quite like getting a fresh batch of exclusive sweepstakes for EU geos to start off the week. This highlight provides a neat stack of fresh pages offering the latest lineup of Apple and Samsung smartphones with seamless CC flow on all of them to seal the deal:

88179 [MOB+WEB] Win an iPhone 11 Pro /XS or /XR [CC] /CL $9.60
84944 [WEB+MOB] Win an iPhone 11 or Samsung S20 /IE EXCLUSIVE $16.00
84943 [WEB+MOB] Win an iPhone 11 or Samsung S20 /DE EXCLUSIVE $28.00
84938 [WEB+MOB] Win an iPhone 11 or Samsung S20 /CH EXCLUSIVE $28.00
84927 [WEB+MOB] Win an iPhone 11 or Samsung S20 /PT EXCLUSIVE $16.00
84945 [WEB+MOB] Win an iPhone 11 or Samsung S20 /IT EXCLUSIVE $16.00

CL capped at 250/month
Other GEOs: 50/day cap per offer
Restrictions: no adult, no incentive

Historically, this type of offers has done pretty good for ClickDealer affiliates, and pretty good means multiple 5-figure campaigns running simultaneously for several months. We expect the same kind of action on these offers.

Ping your AM or register here

1200х628 Phone.jpg
This highlight is for the heavyweights because we’re dealing with CPS nutra paying out $100 a lead. There are pages for keto, CBD, and other supplements that come to mind when you think about modern nutrition trends. Check out the selection:

87996 [WEB+MOB] Pure Meridian CBD Oil /FR/BE/CH [CPS] FB Pixel $95
87619 [WEB+MOB] KETO Advanced /UK [CPS] FB Pixel $105
87616 [WEB+MOB] KETO PURE Bruleur /FR [CPS] FB Pixel $95
87615 [WEB+MOB] KETO Easy /US [CPS] FB Pixel $105
87560 [WEB+MOB] Blood Balance /International [CPS] FB Pixel $100

Restrictions: no incent, survey, cashback
FB pixel integration is available

This is the kind of offers that takes inches from users’ waists and adds them straight to affiliates’ wallets. An inch-high stack of US dollars has 232 bills, so do the math and set up a campaign!

Ping your AM or register here

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