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Navigating insurance providers in the US to find financially sound options can be a daunting task. Today’s highlighted offers address that issue by assisting users in finding the right insurance companies for their specific situations. The daily lead cap is set at 30 until advertiser feedback, but once your traffic gets the OK, that number gets negotiable:

(90731) [WEB+MOB] WEQUOTE - Health Insurance Plan /US [SOI] $7.20
(90732) [WEB+MOB] WEQUOTE - Medicare Plan /US [SOI] $7.20
(90743) [WEB+MOB] WEQUOTE -Life Insurance Plan /US [SOI] $7.20
(90741) [WEB+MOB] WEQUOTE - Home Insurance Plan /US [SOI] $4.80
(90733) [WEB+MOB] WEQUOTE - Car Insurance Plan /US [SOI] $4.80

Traffic allowed: Native, Google Ads, Contextual, Display, Social (Facebook, SnapChat)
30/day per pub per offer until quality check
Offers are live 24/7 / Call center work time: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm EST

With ergonomic landing pages and call centers working 5 days a week to seal the deal on your SOI leads, a personal record in ROI looks highly achievable. Run a test and find out.

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mThink continues to select the best European CPA networks! ClickDealer’s European origins are a strong advantage to have in the competition, but our main strength is undoubtedly the supportive community of partners we have built together over the years.
Luckily, that is exactly what helps someone compete for top spots in a survey-based ranking.
Now let’s press the advantage and go for #1!

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This offer highlight contains fresh CC submit sweepstakes for the EU. Wave off that sense of déjà vu, because this pack is strictly exclusives with fresh landing pages and competitive payouts. Contact your manager for the full list if you’re interested, because we have these offers for most of Europe:

(91101) [WEB+MOB] iPhone 11 Pro or Amazon iPhone 11 PRO or 11 PRO Max /IT EXCLUSIVE $16
(91100) [WEB+MOB] Amazon iPhone 12 or Amazon Samsung S2O /AT EXCLUSIVE $28
(91141) [WEB+MOB] Macbook Air or Amazon Macbook Air /CH EXCLUSIVE $28

We assume you already have this sort of campaign running in the background, so it won’t take long to switch out a few links here and there, but it sure will be worth it.

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