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Quarantine restrictions have tightened once again in Germany as of November 8th, sending millions of people back to the digital frontier looking for entertainment, and just maybe, a genuine connection. That is the name of the game in today’s highlight, as all of the offers below are our top dating picks for DE:

(92162) [MOB] MilfFinder /DE SOI USD 1.8 (desktop available)
(82750) [MOB] Frivoles-Kennenlernen /DE/AT/CH/LU DOI Exclusive EUR 5.00 (desktop available)
(79931) [WEB+MOB] FremdgehenClub /DE DOI 30+ EUR 8
(72882) [MOB] ChatApp /DE DOI €2.90 (desktop available)
(72892) [WEB] /DE DOI EUR 9.6

There is a wide variety of angles and flows on display here, but all of the offers have a few things in common: market-competitive payouts and great network-wide CR. Take your pick!

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Anyone who knows the first thing about living in the US can tell you that debt assistance would be a welcome relief for the majority of its citizens. The same thing goes for not having a car in Canada, as the country is not even close to being densely populated for its square mileage. Those are the two main issues addressed by the services advertised in today’s highlighted offers:


Daily cap: 50 leads per offer

High payouts for SOI mean high traffic quality expectations, but as long as you use the recommended sources, zeroing in on the target audience, hitting the cap and bringing home the profits should be a piece of cake!

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Two of the busiest days for online retail: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up, and anyone who is selling something online will utilize that opportunity to move units like never before. Norton has quite a few of those sales under its belt, so a leading cybersecurity company is bound to come out with massive deals as you would expect:

(83409) [WEB] Norton Security /AU/NZ CPS [APPROVAL ONLY] $60
(88433) [WEB] Norton 360 Standard/Deluxe /International (APAC) CPS [APPROVAL ONLY] $32
(86658) [WEB] Norton AV+ /International (APAC excl. AU/NZ) CPS [APPROVAL ONLY] $32
(80513) [WEB] Norton 360 Standard/Deluxe/Premium /International CPS [APPROVAL ONLY] $48

20/11 - 3/12: AU/NZ 40%-60% off, SG 34%-47% off
25/11 - 7/12, 23/12 - 05/01: EMEA 52%-70% off

A holiday for consumers is crunch time for marketers, so make sure your arsenal is prepared to make the most of it. We, in turn, will make sure to provide enough options to utilize it fully.

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Getting the most out of Black Friday deals for affiliate marketers means following the money, and the larger the online retailer is, the more money will change hands during the event. ClickDealer gives you access to big brand offers like Home Depot and Macy’s with massive Black Friday deals, and some of their own bonuses to top off the profitable week. Sign up today to get your account approved immediately and double loyalty program points for all the offers listed below, which you can exchange for prizes like smartphones and consoles:

8654 Aliexpress /International ~3-9% RevShare Black Friday
44887 [WEB+MOB] FARFETCH /International - RevShare up to 6.4% Black Friday
74141 [WEB+MOB] MACYS /International - RevShare ~ 3.6% Black friday
48018 [WEB+MOB] Dresslily /International - RevShare ~ 8-14.4% Black Friday

48061 [WEB+MOB] RoseGal /International - RevShare ~ 8-14.4% Black Friday

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ClickDealer’s yearly tradition of running dating bonus program in December continues with a new twist! Here’s that we can tell right now:

  • It’s going to last the whole month.
  • It includes all of ClickDealer’s dating offers.
  • It involves both prizes and revenue bonuses.

To find out the rest, stay tuned to our social media on November 30. Get ready and register here!

The inaugural Best European CPA Network survey by mThink Blue Book has concluded, and we made it to the #1 spot!
Thank you all for taking the time to vote for and support ClickDealer. It means the world to us, and ranking so high says just as much about you as a community as it does about the company. Now, all that is left for complete ClickDealer dominance is to repeat this feat on the world stage. Luckily, we have just the opportunity

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Win a Play Station 5 and cash prizes in ClickDealer’s Cuddly Christmas Bonus Program!

ClickDealer's annual bonus program that has already provided thousands of affiliates with fitting prizes for outstanding performance in the dating vertical is about to begin on December 1st. Reach revenue thresholds across thousands of offers throughout the month of December and get rewards based on your monthly volume!

Capable of generating upwards of $500 a month on dating offers? Click the link, learn all the details, and kick off 2021 with extra gifts!

IT is about to start paying out like never before thanks to the Buono Feste Bonus Program!

Starting today and lasting until December 31st, this bonus program turns each week of the month into a sprint, where your volumes determine the payouts. Here you can find all of the program’s bonus tiers and the requirements for each one:

17.5 EUR ($21)- 50+ leads/week (across all IT offers)
18.5 EUR ($22)- 100+ leads/week
19.2 EUR ($23)- 250+ leads/week

20 EUR ($24)- 500+ leads/week

Set up today to make the most of each of them and good luck!
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Today’s highlight is not going to be about fresh offers, new landing pages or payout bumps. This one is simply top-performing dating offers plucked from the top of the charts in the ClickDealer platform. Some safe picks to run if you’re looking to try your hand in the vertical or replace something in your current setup. Here you go:

(94977) [WEB] Searching For Singles /US [DOI] $4.00
(91186) [MOB+WEB] SexTreffen /DE SOI 18+ €2.0
(93856) [WEB+MOB] TresorLove /FR SOI Exclusive €2.40

Sometimes, you get tired of the new tunes and it’s just time to play the classics. This is one of those times. Enjoy.

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Today’s highlighted offers have been chosen to provide you with suitable equipment to get far in the Cuddly Christmas Bonus Program. Some of them are time-tested goldmines, some are trending newcomers, but they all have one thing in common: having what it takes to bring you to the next bonus tier.

(91407) [WEB] Tuhmatkypsatnaiset /FI DOI €5.60
(91124) [WEB+MOB] FlirtInLove /UK 18+ SOI €2.30
(95006) [WEB+MOB] Easy-Lay /UK/US/NZ/CA/AU SOI $2.4

(82750) [MOB] Frivoles-Kennenlernen /DE/AT/CH/LU DOI Exclusive €5

Cuddly Christmas
goes on until December 31st, so there is still plenty of time to test and scale. Set up right away and get some extra cash flow in for 2021!
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Cuddly Christmas Bonus Program is well underway, and this is a quick catch-up for those of you who might have missed the announcement but still want a shot at the main prize.

The rewards you get at the end of the program depend on your growth in revenue since November. Moreover, you have a chance to win a ClickDealer gift box or a PS5!

Now that the goalposts are set and the road is clear, the only thing left to do is to drive leads and cause cuddles. After all, that’s what Cuddly Christmas is all about!

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PlayStation 5 sweepstakes are making stupid amounts of money right now. Imagine what kind of cash this angle would bring if users didn’t have to submit any credit card info. Now set up any of the following offers and realize you were thinking small:

96126 [WEB+MOB] Astro Game /GR Exclusive [paying for all users] $2.80
95355 [WEB+MOB] Win Playstation 5 /GR Exclusive [paying for all users] $2.80
95501 [WEB+MOB] Win Playstation 5 /PT Exclusive [paying for all users] $0.80
95500 [WEB+MOB] Win Playstation 5 /LV Exclusive [paying for all users] $1.60
95499 [WEB+MOB] Win Playstation 5 /CZ *Exclusive*[paying for all users] $2.40

The offers are exclusive, so as far as your competition goes, you’re only dealing with ClickDealer affiliates. That being said, you are still operating in niche EU geos, so get that traffic before anyone else gets to it!

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Not everyone needs or even likes iPhones, but food and hygiene products have undeniable universal appeal. Especially when they are free. That’s the theme of today’s highlighted offers, along with great payouts for the geo and ClickDealer-exclusive status:

96152 [WEB+MOB] Win a €500 NETTO supermarket voucher /DE DOI FB PIXEL EXCLUSIVE 3.85 EUR

96150 [WEB+MOB] Win a €500 NETTO supermarket voucher /DE SOI FB PIXEL EXCLUSIVE 3.05 EUR

95895 [WEB+MOB] Win Shauma Trial Package worth €100 /DE DOI FB PIXEL EXCLUSIVE 3.85 EUR

95894 [WEB+MOB] Win Shauma Trial Package worth €100 /DE SOI FB PIXEL EXCLUSIVE 3.05 EUR

Holiday season is a great time to promote something like this, with everyone looking for gifts and supplies at a bargain. There’s no better bargain than 100% off, but your ROI goes way higher than that, so set up a test and watch it rise!

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Tracing your family tree to find your roots has been a popular pursuit for centuries. Genealogical research has seen a massive shift in availability with genome processing technology, and you have probably heard of some of the most popular services accommodating that demand. Now you can promote them with ClickDealer! is one of the market leaders in the field, and their offer is among some of the most scalable and flexible whitehat options in affiliate marketing:


$8 - Customer Status is new (Complete Free Trial)
$4 - Customer Status is existing (Complete Free Trial)
$4.8 - Customer Status is new (Category is Family Tree Build)
$2.4 - Customer Status is existing (Category is Family Tree Build)

8% of order sale amount - Customer Status is new
4% of order sale amount - All other

You get fixed rates for free trial leads, revshare for sales and 97 countries to promote in. Load up your traffic sources and go crazy, because with, the sky is the limit!

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We are three weeks into the Cuddly Christmas bonus program, with only a week remaining to claim your shot in the giveaways and take home sweet revenue bonuses for the holidays.

The bonus program is wrapping up on December 31st, so this is going to be our final update to help you make that final push towards the next bonus threshold or simply get to the first one to get a number in the raffle.

Crank up the traffic volume, get to the next threshold, get your rewards and have a Cuddly Christmas!

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This year is coming to an end, and for the first time since ClickDealer’s inception, there is not a drop of wistful sentiment in that sentence. 2020 has been full of challenges, to put it lightly, and we admire your ability to keep the same growth mindset and achieve unbelievable results in the face of it all. Your tenacity and ability to adapt have been tested like never before, and judging by the metrics available to us, you passed with flying colors.

Now it’s finally time for some well-deserved holiday cheer! Treat yourself with fancy gifts and extravagant decorations, gather the family and let that Christmas tree shine bright. Our wish for you is firstly health, and secondly, every bit of fortune you need on the way to success and complete personal fulfillment. We got through this together! Happy Holidays!
For our last highlight of 2020, we are going back to the basics with top-converting dating offers of all shapes and sizes. SOI, DOI, multi-geo and niche offers: all of them have shown outstanding results in the platform and made it to this list as a result. In times of change, it feels good to remind ourselves that some things are going to hold up no matter what:

(96460) [WEB+MOB] Premium Adult Games Intl. CPS (Hybrid) $ 52 + Trial $ 8

(95922) [WEB+MOB] Sexy-Date /DE DOI € 8

(93506) [MOB] ChatApp /NL DOI Mobile - €3, Tablets - €1.60

(89021) [MOB] Vezimilf /RO DOI €1.10

(91186) [MOB+WEB] SexTreffen /DE SOI 18+ €2.00

(89683) [MOB] Sexeronde /FR SOI 25+ $2.50

Set any of these up before New Year’s Eve, and as the clock strikes twelve, your ROI will hit over 100%!

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