ClickDealer - Las ofertas en todas verticales y GEOs. Su propio smartlink de Dating

For ClickDealer’s first offer highlight of 2021, we have a nice selection of fresh dating exclusives, multi-geo workhorses and Tier 1 offers to provide stable footing for big campaigns this year. Whichever flow or geo you prefer, there’s something profitable for you in this list:

90207 [MOB] Seekmeetdate /US SOI 25+ - $1.35

66788 [WEB+MOB] C-Date Intl. SOI RevShare

96569 [MOB] FlirtAnoniem /BE DOI 25+ Exclusive € 2.8

96568 [MOB] FlirtAnoniem /NL DOI 25+ Exclusive € 2.8

All the listed offers have a daily lead cap, but with quality traffic anything is possible. To set new personal records in revenue for the year, it’s best to start as early as possible. This is a good opportunity to do exactly that.

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It has been a long time since we have done something of this scale. We have hinted at it in newsletters, given clues in posts, but now we are coming out with a date and a name. We are 7 days away from one of the biggest events in ClickDealer history. It’s called ClickDealer Nitro. Rev up your setup and check our social media to stay up to speed. The big race is about to begin.

In today’s offer highlight, we have new nutra angles fresh out the oven! If you’re noticing a dip in the performance of your keto pill and skin cleanser campaigns, there’s a whole other world for you to explore. It’s an international offer for Nuubu detox patches, with geo-adaptive landing pages and quite convincing selling points on them:

(96523) [WEB+MOB] Nuubu Detox Patches - Improve your body and mind with an all-natural Japanese solution (International) /CPS - 28 USD

To help you find your footing with this one, our managers have helpful stats on the offer's top geos and traffic types, so reach out, set up and cash in!

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The 10th GFY anniversary award is defining the best players of the industry! ClickDealer has been nominated in the best CPA Network and Best Overall Affiliate Program categories, and our Head of International Business Development, Henry, - in the Best Speaker and Best Company Ambassador categories.

If you believe that ClickDealer deserves the top places, vote now!

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Cuddly Christmas wrapped up two weeks ago, and now it’s time for the grand finale: the raffle for the prizes!

As per the rules of the program, everyone who reached the first revenue growth tier have been assigned a number to enter the raffle for ClickDealer gift boxes, and all of you who made their way to the $5000 threshold are in the drawing for a PS5. All winners will get their prizes shortly

If you didn’t pull the lucky number this time or didn't make it in time to participate, stay tuned on January 18th. There will be a lot more prizes to contend for in ClickDealer Nitro.

Watch the drawing:

ClickDealer Nitro starts today!

Get your foot on the gas pedal and prepare to floor it, because it’s all about speed. ClickDealer Nitro runs from January 18th to July 18th, and in that timeframe you need to amass revenue and snatch prizes before anyone else can. Prizes are limited, offers are not.

Besides the prizes, you can purchase a flag. At the end of the contest, we will hold a raffle for a Porsche Taycan 4S, where all the purchased flags will act as lottery numbers.

Click the link below to get to the page where you can sign up for the contest, if you are our partner already. If you are not ClickDealer affiliate yet, you can also sign up there and take part in the contest after the approval.

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World of Warships is an online multiplayer game about naval warfare that has a 9/10 rating on Steam and glowing reviews from reputed gaming publishers like IGN and PC Gamer. Starting today, you can promote it with ClickDealer in 78 countries. The work here is basically already done for you, just get more eyeballs on the product and let the developer’s marketing efforts seal the deal:

(97254) [WEB] World of Warships /International (78 GEO) SOI

Payouts for top GEOs:

RU/UA/KZ/BY - $1.92

US/DE - $6.00

FR - $3.20

Our managers have extensive stats on the game’s performance in different geos, so make sure to reach out and find out which countries you should prioritize. After that, it’s easy money.

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This week our eCPM digest draws your attention to the geos that show outstanding conversion rates with ClickDealer Smartlink. Turn the spotlight on them and watch your ROI going sky-high!

- France $54.71

- Taiwan $36.38

- Slovenia $32.48

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It’s about time we sent some fresh CPS weight loss offers your way. Megaplex Keto Blend and Ultralast XXL are weight loss products aimed at Spanish-speaking audiences, and they pay out a cool $100 for a sale. Well-optimized landing pages with good ad copy make them great options for any big ticket affiliate:

(96337) [WEB+MOB] Megaplex Keto Blend /US/MX/ES/CO/PE/CL CPS - $100

(96353) [WEB+MOB] Ultralast XXL /US/MX/ES/CO/PE/CL CPS - $100

If you couldn’t get weight loss CPS into the green before, grab a translator, give your creatives a makeover, and take another shot. You might just hit a campaign of a lifetime.

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If you’ve been running sweepstakes for a long time, you have likely seen a lot of iPhone offers. Android devices are definitely trailing iOS in terms of offer theme popularity, but in global market share, Android displays a clear lead. Today’s highlight gives you an opportunity to tap into that audience with Samsung’s latest flagship model:

97402[WEB+MOB] Get Samsung S21 - Amazon themed /UK FB Pixel$19

97398[WEB+MOB] Get Samsung S21 - Amazon themed /IT FB Pixel$24

97397[WEB+MOB] Get Samsung S21 - Amazon themed /DE FB Pixel$32

There are millions of people out there who are looking for a smartphone upgrade, but wouldn’t jump operating systems because of convenience or principle. Meet them halfway and you might see surprising results in your tracker.

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