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Polls and surveys are an annoyance to most, but for the knowing few they can be a sweet gig. Today’s highlight deals with expanding the latter crowd and getting paid for hooking people up with additional sources of income in these trying times. It’s an attractive proposition without considerable downsides, and as long as your targeting is on point, it can bring some serious gains:

(99074) [WEB+MOB] RealSurveysThatPay /US SOI $0.95

(99117) [WEB+MOB] RealSurveysThatPay /US DOI $2.00

(99089) [WEB+MOB] MakeSurveyMoney /US SOI $0.95

(99090) [WEB+MOB] LevelSurveys /US DOI + Profile $2.50

Set up a quick test on SOI, fill out the daily cap of 50 and check out how green the campaign gets. Once a quality check with the advertiser comes through, your survey promotion empire will have no limits.

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Our latest addition to the offer pool is pretty straightforward: iPhone 12 and Samsung S21 sweepstakes with landing pages optimized for 2021 and market-competitive payouts. There are no extra tricks to this highlight, just solid offers and a daily lead cap of 100 on multiple geos opening up the possibility for daily four-figures instantly for anyone capable of filling it:

99156 [WEB+MOB] iPhone 12 or Samsung S21 /FR [CC] $24.00

99155 [WEB+MOB] iPhone 12 or Samsung S21 /UK [CC] $12.80

99153 [WEB+MOB] iPhone 12 or Samsung S21 /IT [CC] $17.60

99143 [WEB+MOB] iPhone 12 or Samsung S21 or PS5 /US [CC] $20.00

Got anything in your sweepstakes rotation slacking in performance lately? Chances are, that can be fixed quickly using any of the offers from the list above. Try them out.

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In the age of data mining and GDPR, cyber security services are rapidly gaining popularity and tools like VPNs are quickly becoming available to the general public. Today’s highlighted offers provide a comprehensive solution for users who don’t want to get too deep into online fraud tech and just want their social security numbers and credit card information protected. They are CPS offers for the US with flexible payment plans that can take you way further than any plain antivirus:

(99392) [WEB+MOB] LifeLock Identity Theft Protection Standard/Advantage/Ulitmate Plus (Monthly Plan) /US CPS


$32 - Lifelock Standard

$40 - Lifelock Advantage

$48 - Lifelock Ultimate Plus

(99393) [WEB+MOB] LifeLock Identity Theft Protection Standard/Advantage/Ulitmate Plus (Annual Plan) /US CPS


$48 - Lifelock Standard

$64 - Lifelock Advantage

$88 - Lifelock Ultimate Plus

There are certain limitations involved with promoting cyber safety on sensitive traffic sources like social media platforms. With a bit of creativity and offers like these, you might just get past them.

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We are one month into the biggest race in affiliate marketing, and the pace is rapidly picking up! A lot of ClickDealer affiliates have already started working their way towards their goals in the contest, but there is still a lot of ground to cover.

Your main goal in ClickDealer Nitro is to run as much revenue as possible until July 18th 2021.
Once you have reached certain amounts of revenue, you can choose to either redeem a flag or a prize. A flag will give you one entry into the raffle for a Porsche Taycan 4S. As for the prizes, there is a whole lot of luxury goods that make for a decent trade off.

We are only one sixth of the way into ClickDealer Nitro, so if you floor the gas right now, chances are you will cross the finish line with a prize in your hands.

Shift into high gear and make it happen!

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Mobile content for Egypt is not a new direction in CPA marketing – plenty of affiliates have had great success with that kind of campaigns, and a lot of them still do. Today’s highlight gives you an opportunity to set one up yourself and join their ranks with open cap $1.60 offers and their 2-click streaming service landing pages:

(99559) [WEB+MOB] Vidflix /EG - 2 click $1.6

(99557) [WEB+MOB] Video Player /EG - 2 click $1.6

(99556) [WEB+MOB] Streaming Online /EG - 2 click $1.6

Mobile content offers are quick to test and can become very lucrative once you strike gold, especially with open cap. Give them a try and you will be surprised at how far you can scale.

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