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Today’s highlight favors those of you with good sources for pop and push traffic. There’s no particular offer theme or advertiser on display here, just the latest mobile content offers blowing up on our platform. If you’re running volume and looking for the offer that will bump on your EPC that much higher, here are the offers that already did that for several ClickDealer affiliates:

100413[WEB+MOB] Generic Download /AE [Etisalat]6 USD

67229[WEB+MOB] Download Cloud /EG1.6 USD

96410[WEB+MOB] WhatsSex /GH [MTN&Vodafone]0.95USD

94018[MOB] Stay Home Download /ID0.4 USD

97856[WEB+MOB] Whatsapp /KW [paying for all users]2 USD

There’s a bunch of different geos for you to choose from, but the one thing all these offers have in common is good stats. Make your choice, run a test and dig in.

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MacKeeper is back! The offer fondly remembered by ClickDealer veterans for being a stable source of income for many affiliates over the years has relaunched on the platform to spawn the next generation of steadily profitable campaigns. The only difference is now there is a whole lot more geos to run it in:

(102024) [WEB] MacKeeper /US/UK/CA/AU [CPI+CPS]
CPI - $2
CPS - $33.25

CPI - $1.4
CPS - $28.45

(102139) [WEB] MacKeeper /International [CPI+CPS]
CPI - $0.95
CPS - $23.75

MacKeeper will keep printing money as long as Apple stays in business, so whether you feel a tinge of nostalgia from reading the name or just have an idea for a killer Mac-oriented desktop campaign, set up and enjoy the profits.

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Clubhouse brought online entrepreneurs together once again, after last year’s lockdown had brought live conversation to a halt in many areas, has quickly turned into a major hub of industry conversation, and ClickDealer is joining it with The Launchpad.

Tune in every Thursday to hear influential affiliate marketing
figures join ClickDealer executives in conversation about industry news, inner workings of successful companies and campaigns, latest tricks and know-hows in user acquisition and monetization, and other money-making topics of the day.

Do not miss our Clubhouse room announcements with all the necessary information about the topic, time, hosts, etc. Stay tuned, and see you there!

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We are grateful to everyone who has taken part in our Birthday Quiz, and stylish gift sets are already on their way to the most active participants.

We truly appreciate all your efforts and interest in the ClickDealer life, so stay tuned and be active - partnership with us brings plenty of neat benefits!

Our highlight for today is a metric ton of fresh UK leadgen with insane payouts. We’ve got new fuel for your social, search and native campaigns, except this time you can save time on translating creatives and invest it into split-testing different angles. There is a lot of them to choose from, and each has a brilliant landing page backing it up:






With the variety of offers on display, you can go wide with high volume or pinpoint your targeting for a big payout and get a good ROI either way. The only losing move here is not to test.

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What is the easiest way to bump your ROI up with a couple of thousand dollars? Catch the right bonus program and collect the rewards without changing much in your setup! Our latest bonus program lasts 4 weeks, spans 17 geos, and contains dozens of popular sweepstakes and download offers that you would be running regardless.

Starting on April 12th and running until May 14th, this program gives out fixed bonuses weekly, based on your revenue totals for the week. It mainly involves offers promoting the latest lineups from Samsung and Apple, so the only thing required for many of you to start cashing in the bonuses is changing the link on a funnel you already have set up. Here’s a small sample of the offers participating in the program:

100005 [WEB] PC Privacy - Protect your Camera /CL CC Submit [FB Pixel] BONUS PROGRAM 16 USD

99976 [WEB] PC Privacy - Anti-Hacking /CA CC Submit [FB Pixel] BONUS PROGRAM 16 USD

102320 [WEB+MOB] Win MacBook Air - Color Choose /DE [FB Pixel] BONUS PROGRAM 25.6 USD

102318 [WEB+MOB] Win Samsung Galaxy S21 /JP [FB Pixel] BONUS PROGRAM 24 USD

102308 [WEB+MOB] Win Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra /ES [FB Pixel] BONUS PROGRAM 17.6 USD

Ready for a few extra payouts? Ping your manager for the full list of offers, pick up the ones you prefer and get the money. Whether you run $220 or $6950 a week, this month you are getting more.

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Those of you who have been following our offer highlights over the past few months already know ClickDealer has recently set up a lot of top-shelf survey offers. Those of you who haven’t are in luck to have come across this post, because we are about to hit you with all the good news at once. All survey offers in our platform are getting their Loyalty Points rate doubled. Anyone accumulating points towards their prizes, be it an iPhone 12 Pro or a quad bike, are getting there twice as fast, and generating the needed revenue will be a whole lot easier with offers like these:

100584 [WEB+MOB] Toluna - Influence your world /US DOI 2.4 USD

100581 [WEB+MOB] Toluna - Influence your world /UK DOI 2.45 USD

99545 [WEB+MOB] Branded Surveys /US/UK/CA DOI $2.50

99117 [WEB+MOB] RealSurveysThatPay /US DOI $2.00

101488 [WEB+MOB] Opinion Outpost /DE DOI €1.75

Survey offers are often overlooked because they have been a staple in affiliate marketing for so long, but don’t underestimate the amount of profit a safe social media campaign with good targeting can generate. Run a test if you’re tired of replacing FB Ads accounts, or just want to get your Rolex from the loyalty program that much faster.

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There is only one appropriate follow-up to the news about ClickDealer Loyalty Program rates doubling on survey offers – more survey offers! The following offers pay out $2 a lead in the US and only accept display and email traffic. Remember how simple online marketing used to be back in the day? Well, get ready to print like it’s 2002:

(102420) [WEB+MOB] Opinion Poll /US SOI [E-mail, display traffic] $2

(102637) [WEB+MOB] Healthy Living Freebies /US SOI [E-mail, display traffic] $2

Got a sweet mailing list or some prime display placements to take advantage of? Pick up any of the offers above and get stacking!

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Let’s move some units! Our highlight for today is a pair of straightforward CPS offers promoting drones and tactical watches across 22 geos. These new additions have simple but effective landing pages with discounts, a convenient array of payment methods for customers, and sizeable payouts per sale: perfect fuel for a solid campaign. Check them out:

(102838) [WEB+MOB] Mini HD Drone - Ubertech /AT/AU/BE/CA/CH/DE/DK/ES/FI/FR/IE/IL/IT/JP/MX/NL/NZ/PT/SE/SG/UK/US $48.00

(102489) [WEB+MOB] V9 Tact Watch /AT/AU/BE/CA/CH/DE/DK/ES/FI/FR/IE/IL/IT/JP/MX/NL/NZ/PT/SE/SG/UK/US $45.00

There is tangible potential here for native traffic, and something to be said for social as well, especially with the amount of available geos, so set up a test and discover its full extent before everyone else does.

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This week our eCPM Digest includes three high-converting geos with nice stats. A bit of advice: this time pay attention to the US, and your next step will be watching cash inflow to your account!

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Today we are hitting you with new education offers for the US, where most of the guesswork in finding profitable traffic types has been taken out. The main options are separated into different offers, leaving you to get down the targeting (college-age US citizens) and take advantage of the $24 payouts. Check out the selection:

(102687) [WEB+MOB] My Health Degree /US (SOI) Display $24

(102686) [WEB+MOB] My Health Degree /US (SOI) Email $24

(102685) [WEB+MOB] My Health Degree /US (SOI) SEM/Social $24

(102684) [WEB+MOB] All College Search /US (SOI) Display $24

(102683) [WEB+MOB] All College Search /US (SOI) Email $24

(102428) [WEB+MOB] All College Search /US (SOI) SEM/Social $24

The 50 lead daily cap makes for a four-figure sum at the end of the day as well as further negotiations on the conditions. Launch some traffic and see how far you can push it!

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We are continuing the trend of international CPS in today’s highlight, except this time there are more offers, and they cover more geos. From pulse oximeters to mosquito zappers, these offers promote various goods in 112 countries with proven landing page types like stylized blog posts and storefronts with discounts. Here’s the full list:

(103165) [WEB+MOB] Moskinator PRO /International (112 GEOs) CPS FB/Google/Taboola Pixel - €36
(103163) [WEB+MOB] Nexfan /International (112 GEOs) CPS FB/Google/Taboola Pixel - €56
(103164) [WEB+MOB] OxyPulse /International (112 GEOs) CPS FB/Google/Taboola Pixel - €24
(103169) [WEB+MOB] Knee Hero /International (112 GEOs) CPS FB/Google/Taboola Pixel - €32

With such a nice chunk of revenue for every lead and so much space to promote in, finding the rest of the recipe for a green campaign is only a question of time. To minimize the time required, run a test while the offers are fresh, set up camp, and claim your leads before anyone else gets there!

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Some people are looking for profitable offers to run, others are just looking for their relatives, and today’s highlight is at the rare intersection where one group can help the other. Geolocaliser is a French service that allows users to find someone’s location in the country with just a phone number and a few clicks. The offer pays out €10.00 for a €37.90 user subscription, and targeting the right niche can easily make it quite a lucrative venture:

(103315) [WEB+MOB] Geolocaliser /FR CPS €10.00

Here are a few useful stats to help you locate the right audience:
Top regions: Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulouse, Paris
Top devices: Mobile 80.5%, Desktop 15.4%, Tablet 4.1%
Top browsers: Chrome 48.3%, Safari 25.9%, Android Web 13.8%, Edge 6.9%

Now that you’ve got sights on target, the only thing left to do is pull the trigger and collect the payment. Fire away!

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As summer looms ever so closer on the horizon, people are getting ready to go on a shopping spree for fitting apparel, and we all know that this year most of them will be doing their shopping online. LovelyWholesale targets the crowd that likes their clothes on the cheaper side, and the company does it well with unbeatable deals and massive inventory. They make sure to treat their marketers too, with a 10.4% revshare payout on each purchase:

(96129) [WEB+MOB] LovelyWholesale /International (RevShare 10.4%)

Our intel says their best-converting countries are Canada, the UK, and the US, with the latter forming the largest chunk of revenue between the three. Use that info, launch some traffic, and stack up for the summer!

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