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This is an emergency offer highlight showcasing a fresh lead generation offer that is about to rise to prominence in our platform. Quote-Match services provide reference points for insurance costs for US citizens, and pay out $8 for a quick sign-up on either of their offers. The potential is apparent at first glance, considering the size of the insurance market in the US and the payout on these offers compared to other currently available alternatives:

(102605) [WEB+MOB] Home Quote-Match /US Sensitive APPROVAL REQUIRED $8.00

(102602) [WEB+MOB] Auto Quote-Match /US Sensitive APPROVAL REQUIRED $8.00

We don’t often stray from our offer highlight schedule, so take it as a sign. You wouldn’t want to miss the early days on this one.

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Promoting luxury goods is a different game compared to other kinds of e-commerce; one with a high barrier of entry and a much higher payoff once a campaign really gets going. Caviar is a marketplace where you can find anything from gold-threaded limited edition sneakers to diamond encrusted premium watches, and it fits the above description to a T with a 10% revshare commission on a $5000 average bill:

(103804) [WEB+MOB] Сaviar /International (67 GEOs) - Revshare 10%

The offer is international, so if you manage to set up a big earner and clone it across a few different geos, five-figure daily revenues are not a long shot by far. Test it out and see if you can go from promoting Caviar to shopping there.

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ClickDealer Nitro is upping the ante!

Being the underdog in any kind of competition isn’t easy. Especially in a race like ClickDealer Nitro, where a single affiliate can go up against a team or even a media buying agency. We at ClickDealer believe that making it on your own lies at the heart of affiliate marketing’s entrepreneurial spirit, so we have thought of a way to even the odds for our competitors. Here is how it’s going to go:

- On July 25th, five flags for the grand prize raffle of Porsche Taycan 4S will go out to 5 random participants who have generated $10k or more over the course of ClickDealer Nitro.

- Another five flags will go out to the top 5 revenue leaders of the contest on the same day.

- We will be distributing these flags live on July 25th.

This will keep the playing field even while giving a fighting chance to those of you flying solo in the race, so if you are serious about going for the grand prize, you have 60 days to make it over the $10k hurdle and tune in to our broadcast.

It’s about to get interesting, so click the link below, register, and grab the opportunity!

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We have more e-commerce coming your way today, moving away from impulse purchase territory into more substantial goods. Maxpeedingrods is an online auto parts shop that has been in business for 15 years, operating across 6 geos, and paying out 9.6% to 24% revshare across three different product categories. Look up this offer in the platform and check out its description to find out the exact breakdown:

(100856) [WEB+MOB] Maxpeedingrods /US/AU/UK/ES/DE/FR - Revshare 9.6%-24%

According to out intel, this offer’s top 3 geos are US, AU, and UK, with an average CR of 4%. If you were looking for high revshare rates or just the most thematically appropriate way to get points in ClickDealer Nitro – it doesn’t get much better than this.

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We are coming at you with another issue of season-appropriate e-commerce offer highlights, except this time it’s CPS instead of revshare. KillerFly and Mosquito Bracelets both serve the same purpose: repel insects and attract revenue. They pay out $36 and $32 a sale respectively, run in 22 geos, and have a TikTok tracking pixel for cutting-edge affiliate marketing:

(104730) [WEB+MOB] Killer Fly Pro /International {CPS} Tik Tok Pixel $36.00
(104750) [WEB+MOB] Killer Fly & Mosquito Bracelet /International {CPS} Tik Tok Pixel $32.00

The products are relevant, the payouts are high, and the reach is global. Set up a campaign and profit all summer long.

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There is no vertical with more offer type variety than leadgen, and there is no country that showcases that variety better than the US. We have 4 offers for you today, each promoting a service entirely different from anything we have showcased so far. Two of them are SOI, two are CPS, and all of them can turn out massive numbers in the right hands:

(91966) [WEB+MOB] American Service Pets /US CPS FB/Google Pixel $65
(88686) [WEB+MOB] USCO - State Sniff /US CPS FB/Google Pixel $64
(88916) [WEB+MOB] Rent2OwnHelper /US SOI FB/Google Pixel $4.5
(88908) [WEB+MOB] I Could Use a Job /US SOI FB/Google Pixel $3.2

When you’ve got service pet and gun permit landing pages to work with, there is no telling how far a little bit of creativity can take you. Take a shot and find out!

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With 10 extra ClickDealer Nitro flags going out on July 25th, we would like to give you a little reminder of what awaits the contestant who is going to pull the winning one. Here is the grand prize in action, along with a message from our CEO.

If you run leadgen, get ready to translate your creatives, because we have a batch of top-shelf offers for NL coming your way! It features all the popular angles that are already seeing major action in our platform, like solar quotes and home insulation, so clone your funnels in Dutch and get more income streams going with any of these fine offers:

(97831) [WEB+MOB] Solar Zonnepanelen /NL SOI [APPROVAL ONLY] 8 EUR

(91933) [WEB+MOB] Solar Quote /NL SOI [APPROVAL ONLY] 10 EUR

(105067) [WEB+MOB] Home insulation /NL SOI [APPROVAL ONLY] 12 EUR

(105070) [WEB+MOB] Charging station /NL SOI [APPROVAL ONLY] 10 EUR

(105071) [WEB+MOB] Invest in MKB /NL SOI [APPROVAL ONLY] 24 EUR

Don’t have anything going leadgen-wise yet? This is your opportunity to give it a good run on fresh unsaturated offers. Who knows, you might be translating creatives back into English in a few weeks’ time.

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Having featured a lot of US insurance offers recently, our choice for today’s highlight is something from the same vertical, but with a bit more scaling potential. Ekta Insurance is a pretty niche service that provides medical insurance for travel abroad, but it only gets more interesting from here. Once you get over 10 conversions a month, your payout doubles, going from $8 to $16 on the international offer and €6.40 to €12.80 on the European one. Here are both of them:

98096) [WEB+MOB] Ekta Insurance /International (190 GEOs) (CPS) $8.00
(102663) [WEB+MOB] Ekta Insurance Europe /International (31 GEOs) (CPS) €6.40

The offer is uncapped, so once you get over the 10 lead threshold and double your payout – you can take it as far as you’re capable. When you have 190 countries to work with, it can become a massive campaign.

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This past month, we have featured high-end boutiques and wholesale clothing stores, so it’s a good time to round up the collection with something mid-range. Soulmia is an online fashion brand that focuses on women’s clothing and accessories, operating across 39 countries on 12% revshare. They regularly run sales and discount promos, so there is always an extra enticement for users to shop:

(105443) [WEB+MOB] Soulmia Collection /International (39 GEOs) 12%

The stats we have managed to gather for you show a $43.49 AOV and 13.79% CR, so there is your reference point for testing purposes. Run some traffic and see how high above average you can go.

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