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We were approaching the end of ClickDealer Nitro in July, but so many people have joined the race in the meantime that we decided to go for an extra lap! Due to an unprecedented spree of signups and even more extension requests, you now have the whole month of August to get that extra bit of mileage in and shoot for the prizes you want.

PlayStation 5 has turned out to be the most popular prize to redeem in ClickDealer Nitro. By popular demand, we are bringing the consoles back, giving a chance for late entrants to snag one for themselves.

You still have time until August 31st to get your next-gen console without paying a penny for it, but there will be a lot of people gunning for the same prize, so step on the gas and get ahead!

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McAfee security solutions have been an affiliate marketing staple for over a decade. The company is a well-known online marketing success story, and for a good reason – they spend a lot on advertising. Now is the best time to see just how much for yourself, because all of their offers with ClickDealer are now uncapped:

(85394) [WEB+MOB] McAfee /US [CPS] Approval Only $50.00
(86894) [WEB+MOB] McAfee /AR/BR/CL/CO/PE/MX (LATAM) - 5 Devices [CPS] Approval Only $28.00
(86971) [WEB+MOB] McAfee /EMEA - 5 Devices [CPS] Approval Only $44.00
(91624) [WEB+MOB] McAfee /international - 5 Devices [CPS] PRIVATE $44.00

Between all of the offers listed you basically have worldwide coverage, so when a campaign goes well, you can just keep scaling. As always, the best time to start is as early as possible, because user bases wait for no man.

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Whenever you think of a country with a massive market for insurance, the US is the first one to come to mind. Finding a target audience for insurance offers in the US is like shooting fish in the barrel, and today we have a good reason for you to engage in that type of activity. We have just set up a few beautiful offers promoting insurance quotes for two of the most popular types of insurance: health and auto. Check them out:

(103707) [WEB+MOB] Auto Insurance /US Sensitive Approval Required => $6.4/$8.0/$12.0/$16.0 *
(104098) [WEB+ MOB] Medicare Insurance Quotes /US Sensitive APPROVAL REQUIRED => $7.2

* payouts depend on leads quality

The only one missing from the trifecta here is home insurance, but a quick search in our platform will reveal a multitude of options to choose from. Refresh your rotation and reap the safest profit of your life.

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Only one day left till this month’s affecting meetup - Affiliate Hookah Open Air!

Location: secret place, Kyiv, Ukraine
Date and time: 08/07/2021, 19:00

Activities: networking, food and drinks, insightful speeches
For affiliates only
Seats are limited

Dive in vibrant networking and a friendly atmosphere with ClickDealer!

Pm your manager for more detailed info, and see you there!
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Summer shopping is not only about swimsuits and coolers. There are a lot more substantial goods with seasonal deals out there, and today’s highlight is dedicated to an e-commerce business that sells them. VidaXL is an online store that offers a wide variety of products ranging from garden appliances to sporting goods, and nowadays they run a ton of great deals on all things outdoors, like camping equipment and outdoors furniture. The theme of the store is affordable pricing, but they don’t skimp on advertising:

(106966) [WEB+MOB] VIDAXL /US - REVSHARE 4.8%

You have the whole US to work with, 10 days of cookie lifetime and 4.8% revshare on each product sold. Good conditions to move some units and get paid.

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There are two weeks left until Affbank Awards’ voting stage closes, and it’s going to be a decisive time for all the participants involved.

ClickDealer is nominated in 5 categories, so we are going to need every bit of support we can get against all of the competition we are facing this year.

Mark down ClickDealer in nutra, e-commerce, dating, mobile and smartlink categories, and let’s set a new record in affiliate marketing industry awards!
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We’ve got more insurance quote offers for the US! When you’re in the market with so many insurance providers, it can take an insurance quote service to find optimal rates. When you’re in the US, it can take several insurance quote services. That’s why we are coming at you with another feature, highlighting offers like these:

(106853) [WEB+MOB] Savvy Insurance Op2 /US SOI APPROVAL REQUIRED $7.00
(106718) [WEB+MOB] Medicare4less /US SOI APPROVAL REQUIRED $8.00

The main differences between this and previous highlight’s offers are the landing pages, and the fact that those featured today take search and SMS traffic at relatively the same rates. Try them on for size if the last week’s feature didn’t suit you.

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The Mailcon Meetup is a networking event that brings together all the major players in email marketing under the perfect conditions to catch up, have a good time, and strike a deal or two.

The event runs from 8 PM to 12 AM EST at 48 Lounge in Midtown Manhattan, presenting a great opportunity for anyone involved with email marketing to mix and mingle with everyone who matters in the industry.

ClickDealer is sending a team to the meetup, so if you’re attending, drop by and let’s discuss the matters of the day.

Hope to see you there!

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We have more e-commerce coming your way! VEVOR is a company specializing in cross-border export e-commerce for over 10 years, offering high-quality goods in a wide variety of categories from kitchenware to sporting goods at market-competitive prices. They provide a 1-year warranty on their products, have a 30-day free return policy, and many more perks to turn browsing users into repeat customers:

(105527) [WEB+MOB] Vevor /US/UK/CA/AU - 2.4% Revshare

Our data indicates a 92/8 split between desktop and mobile traffic, so make sure to factor that into your targeting for optimal returns. Otherwise, it is an even game between English-speaking geos, so run a test and get that revshare goldmine cranking!

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Brace for the final push! There are only 2 days left in Affbank Awards’ voting stage, so we need all hands on deck to bring home the trophies. ClickDealer is nominated for Best Network in nutra, e-commerce, dating, mobile, and smartlink, so it’s going to take you 6 clicks to vote for us in all categories. We need as much support as possible for such a massive undertaking, so let your ClickDealer flag fly high, spend a minute to leave a vote, and let’s make it happen!

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Rate Finders is a US-targeted insurance quotes offer that is tailor-made for email traffic. It has a 50 daily lead cap, renegotiable after a traffic quality check from the advertiser, it converts best on Android users, and has an average EPC of $2.50-$3.50. A good mailing campaign will let you achieve those numbers and more:

(106410) [WEB+MOB] Rate Finders - Car Insurance /US SOI [Email traffic only] APPROVAL REQUIRED $5.50

If your primary traffic source is email, don’t bother checking our platform for alternatives. Just punch in the ID and start sending, because this is the best insurance offer we have for it.

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Chinajoy is a legendary annual gaming trade show held in Shanghai that serves as a gathering place for all the leading companies in the industry and everyone interested in their latest offerings.

The expo runs from July 30th to August 2nd and features hundreds of exhibitors presenting their new products and opportunities to directly engage with their company.

Drop by Booth B597 to meet our team and discuss all things performance marketing. Book a meeting with ClickDealer at Chinajoy 2021!

It’s time to count the leaders, tally up the underdogs, and distribute the 10 flags we promised a month ago! On July 25 at 2 PM GMT, we are going to livestream the raffle of 5 bonus flags among all the participants who have made over $10k revenue over the course of ClickDealer Nitro, and the reveal of the contest’s 5 revenue leaders, each of whom will be getting a bonus flag. Don’t miss the stream on ClickDealer's Facebook page, it’s about to get hype!

For today’s highlight, we are mixing it up with a few education offers for France. Both of the offers have Facebook and TikTok pixel integration, a SOI flow, and a €7.20 payout. The main difference between them is the type of angles you can use from promotion, and the landing pages used to supplement it:

(106368) [WEB+MOB] Develop your skills for free v.2 /FR SOI [TikTok/FB Pixel] LetsStudy BONUS PROGRAM – 7.2 EUR / СR - 5.81%

(96507) [WEB+MOB] Anglais: Learn English for Free (CPF - Formation) /FR SOI [TikTok/FB Pixel] LetsStudy BONUS PROGRAM – 7.2 EUR / CR - 3.46%

Here’s another common theme between the offers: they are both part of the Let’s Study bonus program that increases offer payouts based on the amount of leads you send weekly. Check out the full details in the platform and take advantage!

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For this special edition of our eCPM compilation, we are giving you our 3 top-performing geos in Asia. That region has been showing really competitive stats on ClickDealer SmartLink lately, so we thought it would be helpful to map out the best geos to concentrate your efforts on.

Singapore $47.94
Japan $47.63
South Korea $42.22

Your Asian traffic and our smartlink make a winning combination for making a spicy hot profit. Send some traffic and see you can beat these stats!

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Our first highlight for this week will be home improvement and solar leadgen with translated landing pages. They have well-designed questionnaires to ease users into opting in, and market-competitive payouts to ease affiliates into making a profit:

(104749) [WEB+MOB] Chassis, doors and windows /BE(FR) SOI - CR 4.32% - 10,4 EUR
(92891) [WEB+MOB] Chassis, doors and windows /BE (dutch) SOI - CR 2.1% - 10,4 EUR
(92950) [WEB+MOB] Solar panels /NL (dutch) SOI - CR 2.99% - 12 EUR

From the stats we’ve got for the offers, you can see that the French landing page does much better in Belgium. Take that little bit of intel and see how far it can take you

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The finish line of ClickDealer Nitro is already in sight! There is only a month left until the contest ends and the raffle for the grand prize begins.

It is shaping up to be quite an intense event, because not only have serious competitors been stockpiling flags all this time, but an additional ten of them have been distributed among 5 revenue leaders and 5 lucky contestants.

Snatch the last of the limited prizes, get that extra flag to bolster your chances in the drawing for the Porsche Taycan 4S, and don’t touch that brake pedal until you cross the finish line! Speed up!

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ClickDealer has way more international e-commerce offers than geo-specific ones, and today’s highlight brings a bit of balance to the equation with an exceptionally good one. I Found It First is a US-based online clothing shop that pulls in customers with its immense and ever-expanding inventory of authentic apparel from the most relevant brands of today. It is a go-to website for anyone trying to get an early drop on fresh releases, and from now on, it is available for promotion with ClickDealer:

(107593) [WEB+MOB] ISawItFirst /US - Revshare up to 2.4%

Promoting US-exclusive e-commerce offers might be a different game from what you are used to, but it’s a game worth playing. Run a quick test and see how profitable it can get.

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This highlight is a public service announcement to notify you that it’s that time of year again when you can cash in on Norton. The company is running an independence day sale in India, offering a 61-66% discount on their security solutions from August 5th to 18th. Here are the offers:

(88433) [WEB+MOB] Norton 360 Standard/Deluxe /International (APAC) [APPROVAL ONLY]
(86658) [WEB+MOB] Norton AV+ /International (APAC excl. AU/NZ) CPS [APPROVAL ONLY]
(80513) [WEB+MOB] Norton 360 Standard/Deluxe /International CPS [APPROVAL ONLY]

The brand is well known worldwide, so most of the job is already done for you. Just put the discount in front of the users and start collecting your profits.

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