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It’s easy to earn in the affiliate marketing industry if you know what offers to drive traffic to!

In our weekly rating of TOP offers, you will only find the week’s best offers.

We form these data based on the highest EPC and publisher activity.

Study our rating of TOP offers and drive traffic profitably!

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We always aspire to give our affiliates all the best. This is why we regularly introduce new offers so every publisher can find something to their taste.

During the first week of winter, we have launched several new items for Russia and Latvia:

1. Газпромбанк - Car loan

ID: 5261 / GEO: Russia

Payout: ₽7,350 for 1 to 4 loans

₽9,200 ≈ €103 for 5+ loans

2. АК Барс - Cash loan (granted)

ID: 5264 / GEO: Russia

Payout: ₽4,500 ≈ €51

3. Gutcredit RU

ID: 5266 / GEO: Russia

Payout: ₽345 ≈ €4

4. Unicredit - Debit

Card "АвтоКарта"

ID: 5250 / GEO: Russia

Payout: ₽2,025 ≈ €23 for card activation

5. Экспобанк - Credit card (issue)

ID: 5256 / GEO: Russia

Payout: ₽1,360 ≈ €15 per card issued

6. Latvijashipoteka LV

ID: 3565 / GEO: Latvia

CPL: €28

CPS: €80

For connection and payout questions, contact your personal manager



Diamond Partner Raketa Dengi

Dear publishers, meet a diamond sponsor our the LeadGid Golden Parachute contest, Raketa Dengi.

Raketa Dengi is an online loan service, a subproject of the famous microfinance organization MoneyMan.

What does it mean for publishers?

• stable partner

• good payouts

• high approval rates

Drive traffic to Raketa Dengi during the period from November 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 and get three times more points in the LeadGid Golden Parachute contest.

You can spend points on any prizes you like in our Leadstore. And in the end of the promotion, we will give away an apartment in Europe!

Read more about the contest, sponsors, main prizes, and rules here: goldenparachute.leadgid.eu



Diamond Partner Credit Plus

Ladies and gents, meet a diamond sponsor of the LeadGid Golden Parachute contest, Credit Plus!

Credit Plus is a non-mainstream microfinance organization. The company is concerned with granting small, short-term, loans, but it also has programs that are closer to bank credits.

And great terms for publishers make this offer one of the most appealing.

Credit Plus gives all affiliates the tripled chance to get the main prize of the LeadGid Golden Parachute contest, an apartment in Europe. All you need to do is drive traffic to this offer during the contest and we’ll give you three times more bonus points!

Read more about the contest, sponsors, and rules here: goldenparachute.leadgid.eu



Hello, dear publishers,

Most of our affiliates use contextual traffic (e.g. from Google). In fact, this type of traffic is the best lead generation option for financial offers.

Our material today is devoted to a very important metric, click-through rate (CTR). Advertising professionals know for sure how important this indicator is—especially in search results.

Find our new text here:



At 2 PM (UTC+3, Moscow) tomorrow, LEADGID will hold a live session with affiliate network and publisher relations manager Viljami Tiainen!

Viljami works for Credit24, Creditea, Hapiloans, Sving, Provident. During our event, he will be happy to share with you the insights into relations between the affiliate network and the advertiser.

The participants will learn:

— Differences in approaches to microfinance offer between CIS and non-CIS publishers
— Where advertisers see a clue to securing a high approval rate of a financial offer
— How advertisers can help publishers boost the conversions
— How to upscale ROI of a microfinance offer in 2021

We’ll also share some practical tips on entering and exploring a region and discuss other subjects!

Tatiana Sazanova, Head of LeadGid International, will moderate the conference.

If global markets are a big draw for you or if you’re already an international-scale publisher aiming to gain inspiration from financial offer gurus, don’t miss your chance and join our stream at 2 PM (UTC+3, Moscow) on December 15!


The event will go in English.

Our YouTube channel:

LEADGID’s Facebook page:
See you tomorrow!



Dear publishers,

Welcome to our stream devoted to global financial offers’ traffic and 2020 results:

Our live session starts at 2 PM (UTC+3, Moscow) and will be held in English.

The special guest is Viljami Tiainen, Global Partnerships Manager for Credit24, Creditea, Hapiloans, Sving, and Provident.

The moderator is Tatiana Sazanova, Head of Leadgid International.

During the conference, we will try to introduce you to the ideology of international advertisers. As part of this analysis, we will identify main differences and common features of approaches publishers from different countries employ. As a cherry on top, we will give some tips on how to handle this or that region.

Join us at 2 PM!


What is the most desired gift of this year for all men? It's definitely the new Sony PlayStation 5!

Everyone was waiting for the PlayStation 5 release! Each new generation of game consoles means a new round of opportunities in games... and a new round of console wars.

You can pick up the play station totally free of charge for the Leadstore points right now. All you need to do is establish a traffic flow within framework of the "Golden Parachute" contest on sponsor offers, for which you will be awarded points.

These points can be redeemed for any prizes, including a brand new PlayStation

Moreover, there is a publishers rating, and the best of the best will go with us to the final party, where they will compete for the dream apartment!

To get your PlayStation: https://store.leadgid.eu

Profitable replenishment is always here for you!

Dear Publishers, we genuinely want to be useful for you, that's why LeadGid gives away Zvonobot accounts with bonuses!

ZVONOBOT is a service for automatic calls in the financial niche. The tool will help to increase income from the collected numbers database.

It's easy to use: connect via API to your profile and automatically call on requests with a new offer.

Link to the service:

To replenish your account with a bonus, contact your personal manager in LeadGid.

What bonuses do you get:

+5% to all payments
+10% to replenishment from 50 000 ₽
+20% to replenishment from 100 000 ₽

Drive traffic and scale while LeadGid takes care of reducing your costs



Platinum Partner Tinkoff

Dear publishers, we'd like to present you our Platinum sponsor of the "Golden Parachute" contest — Tinkoff Bank.

Tinkoff Bank is one of the most recognizable banks on the Internet. Progressiveness and flexibility of terms for the client bring the offers of this bank to the top.
In the leadgid affiliate network several Tinkoff Bank offers are presented at once — from debit cards to cash loans.

In the "Golden Parachute" contest also participate offers from Tinkoff Mobile with generous payouts.

Drive traffic to the platinum sponsor Tinkoff offers during the period from 1.11.2020 to 30.06.2021 and get twice as many points in the "Golden Parachute" contest!

For more information about the contest, sponsors, main prizes and rules, please visit the website: goldenparachute.leadgid.ru

Good afternoon, dear publishers!

Most of our partners work with contextual traffic, be it Google or Yandex. For financial lead generation it is the best solution.
Today we'd like to tell you about the CTR indicator. Advertisers are quite aware of how important this indicator is, especially in search results.

Link to the article: https://bit.ly/3qXq3K5



CPA Inform media sponsor

We present the media sponsor of the "Golden Parachute by LeadGid" contest — CPA Inform, media about affiliate marketing

Resource name CPAInform.ru speaks for itself — there is a whole storehouse of useful information about affiliate marketing, SEO and lead generation.

And, of course, this portal provides information about affiliate programs: reviews of CPA, network reviews, lists of CPA offers, news and insights of CPA affiliate programs market.

Read trusted sources and don't forget to participate in the main contest of the coming year "Golden Parachute", the start has already begun, and the top prize is an apartment in Europe!

For more information about the contest, please visit the website:



Ladies and gentlemen! Let's push together, because there are only few days left before Christmas and the New Year! And you need to enter 2021 gracefully — with TOP results.

Our latest up-to-date TOP offers rating will help you with this.

You'll find information about the best offers for Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Mexico, Kazakhstan, the Baltic countries and Asia below!

Data is generated based on the highest EPC and webmasters' activity.

TOP offers link:


GOLD Sponsors of the Golden Parachute Contest

Dear publishers, our Golden Parachute contest keeps gaining traction, and the finals get closer and closer every day! Our main prize, an apartment in Europe, will be yours: just jump in the challenge!

You can boost your chances to win by 1.5 times! For that, drive traffic to the offers of the contest’s GOLD sponsors:





Fast Money


Chestnoye slovo

Our partners include microfinance organizations and credit selection services. What they all share in common is friendly cooperation terms, fair publisher rewards, and high approval rates.

You can see the list of gold-sponsor offers, which can x1.5-increase your chances, in the account. Just click Offers in the menu and select Golden Parachute.

Read more about the contest, main prizes, and rules here: goldenparachute.leadgid.eu



What could be better than gifts? Only gifts all year round!

Dear publishers, we've collected all discounts from our partners in one place:

Here everyone can find a useful service and get access to it with a good discount using LEADGID promo code.

Spy services, mailing services, trackers — use all the tools of affiliate marketing to get all the profit from the traffic that you can. And Leadgid will take care of the savings



Dear Partners,

LEADGID Team is happy to wish you a Merry Christmas!

May your heart be warm and full of love, and your eyes shine with joy.

We hope the upcoming year will give you all high profit and excellent ROI in every campaign you start.

Thank you for being part of our family.

Truly yours,
LEADGID Affiliate Network



Media Partner Affexpert

We are happy to introduce a media partner of the LeadGid Golden Parachute contest, Affexert.net

Affexpert.net is a catalog of affiliate programs that afford making money online, and popular website optimization and promotion services.

Apart from the texts, the website offers weekly digests devoted to the biggest news of the affiliate programs listed.

Check out our media partner’s resource to keep track of the CPA industry’s latest events.

And our Golden Parachute contest continues! The race to the main prize, an apartment in Europe, has just started. Jump in!

Read more about the contest here:



Platinum Partner Dengi Srazu

We are happy to introduce a Platinum sponsor of the LeadGid Golden Parachute contest, Dengi Srazu.

Micro lending is one of the most profitable verticals in financial affiliate marketing. And it grows even more yielding when partners offer favorable terms for publishers.

Dengi Srazu is a truly publisher-friendly partner. This microfinance organization holds top places in our offer ratings: both in terms of publisher activity and average EPC.

Want to boost your chances to win the Golden Parachute contest? Drive traffic to Dengi Srazu’s offer. As every other Platinum sponsor, Dengi Srazu doubles your bonus points!

Learn more about the contest, sponsors, main prizes, and rules here: goldenparachute.leadgid.eu



The New Year holidays have ended, but we still have plenty of gifts!

All LeadGid affiliates get a boosted coefficient in the Golden Parachute contest in January! No matter whether you have delivered on the December plan or not, the main condition is at least one approved conversion on a sponsor offer in December.

This means all your points will be multiplied by 3, 2, or 1.5 times—depending on the sponsor category

And the boosts are already active! You can check the results in the contest progress: https://bit.ly/35c44pm

Participate in the Golden Parachute contest, exchange points for prizes, get guaranteed gifts, and become the top candidate for the main prize, an apartment in Europe!



Media Partner CPA Partners

We are happy to introduce a media partner of the LeadGid Golden Parachute contest, CPA Partners

CPA Partners (https://cpa-partners.top) is the affiliate network rating that features networks from various countries. You will find lots of real reviews where publishers share their experience with various networks. The portal also presents insightful texts about traffic, verticals, and setting up ad campaigns.

Visit our partner’s website

https://cpa-partners.top and learn everything about making money online

We also want to remind you that the new year’s main race for an apartment in Europe has started! Join the battle in the LeadGid Golden Parachute Contest!

Learn more about the contest from our managers and here: http://goldenparachute.leadgid.ru



The holidays are back, and potential leads may experience money difficulties. This means the financial offers are as relevant as they were during the last two weeks!

In our first offer rating of 2021, you will find valuable info for different regions, from Ukraine to Vietnam.

The offers rank based on publisher activity and EPC.

Find the rating here:

We wish you all high profits!



Dear publishers!

We didn't waste time during the holidays and launched new offers for you!

Now you can start testing new products that we have launched from Jan 4 to Jan 10:

1. Moneyshop DO CPA

Offer ID: 5270/ GEO: Dominican Republic

Payout for the issue - $5.00

2. Creditea ES

Offer ID: 5273/ GEO: Spain

Issued Loan (new customer) - € 76,00

3. Robocred AR CPL

Offer ID: 5282/ GEO: Argentina

Payout for CPL completed - $ 1.00

4. Robocred MX CPL

Offer ID: 5283/ GEO: Mexico

Payout for CPL completed - $ 2.00

A great variety of GEO is waiting for you, and our managers will always help you with any question.