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Update on Leadgid’s top offers

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Last week we launched 13 new offers, including microfinance, credits, and some new programs for various GEOs: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland, and even Brazil await your traffic!

1. Манифактура - Loan granted

ID: 5307/ GEO: Russia

2. Ренессанс Кредит - Cash loan (granted) |Premium offer|

ID: 4914/ GEO: Russia

Payout: ₽3,021

3. Ренессанс Кредит - 365 credit card (Issue) |Premium offer|

ID: 5300/ GEO: Russia

Payout: ₽3,000

4. Мигом кредит - Approved application

ID: 5302/ GEO: Russia

Payout: ₽150

5. Контакт Кредит - Loan granted

ID: 5294/ GEO: Russia

Payout: ₽3,750 per loan granted

6. Credilo com KZ

ID: 5165/ GEO: Kazakhstan

Payout: ₽36

7. Visame com KZ

ID: 5166/ GEO: Kazakhstan

Payout: ₽36

8. Mazilla com KZ

ID: 5164/ GEO: Kazakhstan

Payout: ₽36


ID: 5303/ GEO: Ukraine

Payout: ₴320 per loan

10. Robocred KZ CPL (ID: 5305)

ID: 5305/ GEO: Kazakhstan

Payout: $3.00

11. Robocred UA CPL

ID: 5304/ GEO: Ukraine

Payout: $3.00

12. Robocred PL CPL

ID: 5306/ GEO: Poland

Payout: 10 PLN CPL (completed)

13. Banco Santander - Open account - CPL

ID: 5312/ GEO: Brazil

CPL (Registration + verification): 44.00 BRL

We wish you successful tests!



Platinum Partner Bystrodengi

We’re happy to introduce a Platinum Sponsor of the Golden Parachute contest, Bystrodengi.

Bystrodengi is a leading Russian microfinance organization and financial service provider that serves customers remotely—with pre-paid cards—and through a broad network of 500 offices.

Publishers driving traffic to Bystrodengi’s offer get a boosted rate for the loan granted and target audience insights. Moreover, the offer allows a lot of traffic sources, except for spam and incentive traffic.

Until June 30, 2021, every publisher leading traffic to the offer of our platinum sponsor Bystrodengi will get twice as many points and thus twice as high chances to win in the Golden Parachute contest! Exchange bonus points for fancy gifts from Leadstore.

Learn more about the contest and points from your manager or at goldenparachute.leadgid.ru



The clock is ticking, don’t forget to get your prize!

Ladies and gentlemen, you can find top latest gadgets in our Leadstore online shop! And the best thing is, you don’t have to pay for it!

1. Just drive traffic as a part of our “Golden Parachute” contest under our affiliate partners’ offers.
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For example, you can exchange 3kk points to Apple Watch Series 6. This device may become your trusted partner in your trainings and other health care activities. With its help you can measure your blood oxygen level, and even do an ECG test any time you want.

You can get your watch here: https://store.leadgid.eu



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