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As it was mentioned, dump is that the information that is unbroken on the tracks of the credit card's strip. we tend to have an interest solely within the Track one and a couple of.
So let's cross-check the abstract example of this data:
In this example - B4000001245790^John/Carol^03101011123400567000000 is that the data of Track one and 4000001234567890=03101011123495679991 - is that the data from the second track. Letter B implies that it`s a mastercard. 400000 123454689 zero - could be a range of the cardboard. ^John/Carol ^ - is that the name of the cardboard owner so on. Track two is quite kind of like Track one, tho' it's thought-about to be the most one and if you own it, you'll be able to organize the knowledge from Track one.


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